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Boxing Day Review…

Hello all,

This was my second 200 k Brevet.  I knew I would be slower than the rest of the gang but I felt I could do it.  By the time i got to Old Solomons Island Rd the rest of the gang had disappeared.  I was equiped with my Garmin GPS MAP 176 CSX and had laid out the course in 2 parts.  The only thing that did throw me off was that the Garmin had its recalc. on and when I made a wrong turn down near Brooms Island it started to tell me to repeat sections.  That was at the 54+/- mile  mark.  I then attempted to go waypoint by way point but that entering of points is difficult to do while keeping moving.  With the stop and start I got to Solomons area about 2:00 in the afternoon and stopped at Subway for Lunch.  I then continued on to Breezy Point and the dark.  The hill from the bottom of Breezy Point took the alot of my energy.  The scariest part of  the ride was actually from Fairhaven road to MD 256 on Franklin Gibson rd.  A fast downhill winding road with very little or missing edge lines.  This made it difficult for me to nav the road as I could not see the edge of the road.  I managed to get to Deal Churchton area and missed the last info control point.  By this time I was approaching 13+ hours.  With the GPS not giving me lighted clues to where I was or the next mark and my wife worrying about my whereabouts I new I could not finish in the 1/2 hour left even though it was approx 8-10 miles.  My wife, Theresa retrieved my truck from Harwood and picked me up at the Highs store in Deale Churchton.   I was disappointed in not finishing the ride but I chalk it up to experience and will learn from this experience.

I will do this run again now that Garmin has told me how to overcome the troubles I had with the GPS.  I will be working on getting me pace up also by doing some 100K’s.  The scenery that I saw on the South Bound and start of the North Bound route was beautiful.  Including the houses in Chaneyville and Brooms Island.  If the light had been brighter I would have loved to see Breezy Point but Chesapeake Beach & North Beach was well lit for the holiday season.

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